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The Full Story

It is quite difficult to join the dots as soon as you are the main protagonist of the story.

The fact is that ArmMe comes from the bottom of my heart. An internal voice guided me, encouraged me to do the brave things and to increase the adherence to my own values. That is not an easy path and life isn't a long quiet river. I don't know if you would take time to read the entire story. The main important thing for me would be to hear more about yours.

I didn't succeed to refrain the utopian idea that things can change for better. I do not know yet where all of this will lead me. From my perspective, it would be the opportunity to meet you and it is already a lot. So please, if you are concerned by our common future we should talk. We should cocreate something that is beyond us, something we could be proud of and that will be sustainable.

This is all what ArmMe is, an opportunity to gather people to make things happen using the collective intelligence! Join ArmMe.


Make things happen


Keep searching imaginary land, my place

Life isn't a quiet river! It is neither a linear path. Mine had been sometimes chaotic so far but at the end this is why I am standing here.

Starting back to my early thirties, I remember everything sounded like perfect. Then, a ten years turbulent period followed where many things did not show up the expected way mainly for professional reasons. That unstable period looked like a washing machine. At the end, I had lived, more than 2 years, with my wife and our one-year old daughter on a sailing boat. Even if we faced difficult moments, especially during winters when it was freezing outside, we had found the internal resources to share good times living in less than 15 square meters. During that period the way people were looking at us changed a lot and it had a big impact on our own way to see others and life.

It took me almost eight years to build back and to come back to a more "compliant" life. Those years gave me the opportunity to go back to school and to travel. I had an amazing chance to discover wonderful people and to learn a lot from others and about the various content I was studying. Added to my past experiences, that allowed me to gather a new force, a new willingness to change my future.

Now, my fifties are coming, I want to make the brave things again. I need a much higher level of adherence to my own values. I know that nothing worth to lose my soul. This is the reason why I decided to leave my job a few weeks ago, at the end of February 2020, and to jump again into a different ocean. I needed to take that concrete step to create my own path to my imaginary land, my place.

I started to work on ArmMe while I was living on "EDONIA", the home-boat whose name had been created with reference to hedonism and utopia. It took me more than ten years to succeed in showing that very personal story and creation. I hope you would consider it as a gift because it comes from the bottom of my heart.


Imaginary land, my place


Adam Smith - Theory of moral feelings - 1759

“How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it, except the pleasure of seeing it.”




Have you ever been asked what makes you happy?

Happiness is a goal every human try to reach. I decided to live a more boldly life letting all my fears of change far away. Would you?

I know it is not an easy question and an infinity of answers are possible as soon as we are all different. However, I am sure you may agree with the following assumptions. As a human we are often looking for things we do not have. We are often looking for future pleasure instead of enjoying present ones and happiness is often so close that we pass by without seeing it.

Saying that, it is easier to remember moments we found happiness. For example, as a parent, I can remember the last time my daughter offers me an handmade present. She was so proud and I was so moved. I have also that feeling while offering a meal I prepared with love for my best friends. It could be even a bigger feeling if I were to build something in a collaborative way for a larger audience or for a cause that counts for me.

I noticed that happiness is often coming from the others’ one and that idea leads me to create ArmMe. I needed to create innovative opportunities to gather people, simple and humble actions to give everyone the opportunity to realize what he is in what he does, to forge his person in the proof of its contribution to a better world. My aim is to make it easy to create proudness and happiness for any contributor that would engage for social and environmental actions.

ArmMe empowers volunteers all over the world to deeper observe and listen to the small signals to identify practical solutions that could be turned into global innovations. The force of networks, partnerships and the collective intelligence mobilization, will contribute to develop new global products and services that will benefit to the overall humanity.

If you are concerned by environmental and social justice, you need to join ArmMe.


Happiness is often coming from the others’ one


ArmMe's purpose

ArmMe’s purpose is to build a global blockchain of trust that would demonstrate that humans are better than they have ever thought they were. Too many people did not find or had lost their internal peace and are fighting with a distorted negative reality. ArmMe will focus on what gathers people, on simple and humble actions to give everyone the opportunity to realize what he is in what he does, to forge his person in the proof of its contribution to a better world. ArmMe fights for social and environmental justice in a way that people stop to look at their smaller common multiple but focus on their largest common denominator.




What would you do if you knew that Earth was in danger and that all life forms including humans could suffer from it?

Asking questions is a good start to change. Who knows? We might find answers. If not, searching must be a nice and rewarding trip.

Would you give money to your favorite non-profit organization that would manage that for you? Would you go for a strike, a petition or an attack on the state as the French did in 2018? Would you go to a climate marche? I assume, your personal engagement might highly depend on how close you think the changes would happen. We are all going to die and our next actions would not be the same if it is to happen in 2 days or in 10 years.

As a lone sailor, I developed a particular connection with Oceans. The past 10 years, I had the chance to sail on many seas and oceans. I had also the chance to hike in some spectacular areas around the globe. From years to years, my own impacts on climate change and the ones I noticed from others became more and more unacceptable. From what I have seen, from what I have read and learned, I have no doubt that not only Earth is in danger but many living species are.

I have first reduced my car mileage to almost zero and today I do not even own a car anymore. I stopped eating meat. I started to collect cigarette butts everywhere I was walking. I reduced the quantity of things I was buying. I try to make my part. I am afraid it is not enough and that things are too slow to make it happens. Frustration and fear arose!


User Story


So again, What are you going to do? Would you like to stop what you were doing immediately, would you change your behaviors quickly? How many of you did find a suitable easy action they can perform for themselves and for others? Many of you are already moving as I do and I feel that many others are on their way to join. My target is to accelerate the process.

The easiest thing we can do is to share the fact that we are concerned. Doing so we would be ready to enter into a permanent process that would help us to deeply change our behaviors and make others join our route. We have to turn every moment into a demonstration that environmental and social issues are a priority everybody could act for. As small as everyday actions could be, they count and have to be registered and valued. Every demonstration that could bring people to change has to be done.


User Story


ArmMe is a process starting with showing we are concerned because this is the easiest thing we can do. This appartenance to the Peaceful Warriors would give us the unique opportunity to show others how to implement easy sustainable impactful actions. We are going to connect and gather all the individuals and organizations pursuing the common target to make a difference. We are going to measure every action because we do not want to spend any energy that do not bring results.

Nobody will save us if we do not perform our distinctive part. I will not let the people I love and the things that count for me in strangers’ hands. Would you? You are the only ones that can make it!

Join ArmMe! We need you.


Fight for social and environmental justice


ArmMe's inspired mission

Somewhere on the earth there is someone on his way to solve a problem that has a very local environmental or social impact. This individual is very special because the solution he designed could bring a big change to millions of people in many different areas in the world. ArmMe's purpose is to find that person, to meet this very particular individual and to help him / her to unveil the potential of his / her innovation. ArmMe brings together the resources to make sure this local bright idea could reach a global scale for the benefit of the overall humanity.

This non profit organization is truly different because it empowers volunteers all over the world to deeper observe and listen to the small signals to identify practical solutions that could be turned into global innovation challenges. This adventure is so energizing that once you joined it is impossible to leave. Incredible people brought their heart and soul to make it happens.