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Dany Grard
I am 48. I live in Laval in France. I am tenacious when I believe in something. I am utopian. I think it is the best way to believe that change is still possible, to dream big. I have lots of intellectual curiosity. I like learning about others, about different cultures. I like to think about problems but even more to act. I have lived for a long time without paying attention to the damage caused by our industrial and consumerist way of life, by our lack of thinking, and to be honest I even participated, buying more than necessary, wasting food, using my car too often and so on. No more than I realized the nonsense of it all. By watching documentaries, by observing much more all around me, in my daily life as well as in my travels what happened, I became aware of our bad impact on the planet. And I started to change my own behavior. Now I try to eat foods produced locally and only seasonal. I reduced my plastic wastes by drinking tap water. There is no more comestible food in my garbage. I prepare other recipes with leftover food. I walk rather than using my car in my city. I stopped buying new clothes because I already have enough in my wardrobe. And I would like to do more.