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An experimental organization that
stands for Social and Environmental
impactful globalized collaborative


Experimental Organization
ArmMe’s inspired mission is to build a global blockchain of trust that would demonstrate that humans are better than they have ever thought they were. Too many people did not find or had lost their internal peace and are fighting with a distorted negative reality. ArmMe will focus on what gathers people, on simple and humble actions to give everyone the opportunity to realize what he is in what he does, to forge his person in the proof of its contribution to a better world. ArmMe fights for social and environmental justice in a way that people stop to look at their smaller common multiple but focus on their largest common denominator. This non profit organization is truly different because it empowers volunteers all over the world to deeper observe and listen to the small signals to identify practical solutions that could be turned into global innovation challenges. This adventure is so energizing that once you joined it is impossible to leave. Incredible people brought their heart and soul to make it happens.
Dany Grard
I am 48. I live in Laval in France. I am tenacious when I believe in something. I am utopian. I think it is the best way to believe that change is still possible, to dream big. I have lots of intellectual curiosity. I like learning about others, about different cultures. I like to think about problems but even more to act. I have lived for a long time without paying attention to the damage caused by our industrial and consumerist way of life, by our lack of thinking, and to be honest I even participated, buying more than necessary, wasting food, using my car too often and so on. No more than I realized the nonsense of it all. By watching documentaries, by observing much more all around me, in my daily life as well as in my travels what happened, I became aware of our bad impact on the planet. And I started to change my own behavior. Now I try to eat foods produced locally and only seasonal. I reduced my plastic wastes by drinking tap water. There is no more comestible food in my garbage. I prepare other recipes with leftover food. I walk rather than using my car in my city. I stopped buying new clothes because I already have enough in my wardrobe. And I would like to do more.