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Networking on ArmMe?

As soon as you join ArmMe, you can reach all the members using ArmMails, the ArmMe's mail system. You can apply to any of the challenges you might be interested in and contribute to the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

You can post Updates in the challenges you teamed with starting with the SandBox challenge and promote them on ArmMe's social networks. You can create your own challenge to solve an environmental or social issue you are concerned by.

You can interact with ArmMe's Founder and volunteers at any time by email, ArmMails or at one of the bi-weekly hands on meetings on zoom (Tuesday 9am CET or Thursday 6pm CET).


Why using social networks?

Billions of individuals are using social networks everyday for many different reasons. For instance, in Q3 2019, more than 1,6 billion persons have daily used Facebook. The figures of published contents are increasing continuously. To give you an idea, 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day. Definitely, if you have something important to say, social networks cannot be neglected.

However, if you consider the number of posts, adverts, articles,... published on social networks, having an impact is not easy as soon as you are not a football star.

This is why acting as a community, publishing strong contents that give useful and relevant information are the main stakes.


Social Networks


How could it work?

Each social network has its own algorythm to display contents. They are changing all the time so that it is a waste of time to try to follow them. Instead, the quality and the way the contents engage with the audience are key.

ArmMe.org wants to do it in a new way, giving its members the opportunity to be at the center of the content. Imagine that you are, on behalf of ArmMe, those who publish a varied and engaging content that will benefit from the shared notoriety of all members.


The full process in three steps

#1- Send an ArmMail to ArmMe to promote one of your approved challenge or update.

#2- ArmMe will review the content to check its compliance with the editorial slant.

#3- If validated, ArmMe will choose the appropriate social networks to promote your publication.

#4- The post will have your signature and you will receive a notification so that you could push the content.


Together we are stronger


This kind of exercise is worth to be tried.

You need to be a member at first and read about the editorial slant hereunder.


Join ArmMe


Editorial Slant

Imagine that you have to give a gift, that you have to give something important that could be useful to the audience. This is it and it is as simple as to be authentic and sincere. To help you, you will find below some guidelines on the content that we would like to share on ArmMe and its relatives social media.

#1- The posts will have to demonstrate a positive way of thinking.

#2- They can show a positive impact, concrete results, simple and humble actions, on either social or environmental issues.

#3- It can explain in what extent a specific innovation, a simple idea, can solve local issues and could gain to be spreaded.


Positive Thinking


#4- It can demonstrate how collective creativity leads to amazing outcomes in respect to behavioral changes.

#5- It can explicit what it is to design for a better world and what it could bring.

#6- It can prove the strength to gather people to solve social and environmental issues.


Supporting the posts

The posts will be supported by the ArmMe community via the Like, Share, Comment usual actions. To do that you can follow ArmMe on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Don't miss any opportunity to have the latest news, to meet peers and to engage with the content. We will appreciate your contributions, ideas and we would be able to follow your activity in return, push your posts, interact which will increase our both impacts. Isn't it the main added value of Networking?