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An experimental organization that
stands for Social and Environmental
impactful globalized collaborative


Philippe-Alexandre Grard
ArmMe Founder
My expanding engine is to lead change with collective measurable direct impacts. I did have some fostering results in my last positions and associative actions but it has often come to frustration regarding their ephemeral and insufficiently deep resonance. My aim is to move forward and to scale up, changing my own model and challenging my own frontier. Altruist, full of persuasive energy, I am a natural people-person. I enjoy fast-paced environments and positive competition. I developed my abilities to see the « big picture » and share my vision effectively with others trying to identify the potential in every situation. I am passionate and thriving to support ethics conviction and responsibility in what I believe is fair and just. I give my best to motivate others in action, to assess, analyze, and map out innovative improvements. I like to focus on ways to do things better to create the best conditions to reach the overall stakeholders’ satisfaction. I am energetic, decisive, positive, supportive and tactful to offset my passion and directness. I need team players, competitive, quick-minded and positive co-workers to excel at key support roles and team-based project work.