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Several gradual options are offered to join ArmMe:

If you arrived on this page, you may have found an interest on what ArmMe stands for and the values it serves, which is great! However, the level of your committment could vary depending on many factors and thus there isn't any reason why there should be only one way to demonstrate it. This is why, You would find hereunder several options to send our nascent community a sign of support. Many thanks for trying to find your own path.


#1- Like the initiative:

This is the easiest way to support and to show the next visitors the number of sympathizers we reached. Just click once on the "Like" button and your support would be added. It does not require any other information from you. It doesn't take more than one second.




#2- Follow us on social networks:

You can find ArmMe on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Don't miss any opportunity to have the latest news, to meet peers and to engage with the content. We will appreciate your contributions, ideas and we would be able to follow your activity in return, push your posts, interact which will increase our both impacts. You can find more information on how you could contribute in the Networking area.



Social Networks


#3- Become a "Peaceful Warrior":

Membership is totally free as you may agree that changing behaviors has nothing to deal with money. You will need to fill in few information. ArmMe will not use any of those information in any maner. The sole emails you will receive from us will be the one that will allow to valid your account and a few ones for administration alerts. Creating an account will give you the "Pioneer" status. This status gives you access to all type of interactions in this website. As soon as you will create your own challenge you will upgrade to the "Challenger" status. Depending on how you contribute and the benevolence you would have developed, other members could vote to designate you as "Expert" or "Master". You can also volunteer to grant the "ArmMe Warior" status.



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