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An experimental organization that
stands for Social and Environmental
impactful globalized collaborative



Job Opportunities

Welcome to the ArmMe adventure.

ArmMe is a brand new organization that has everything to build. Imagine the challenge!

I am sure it is going to be very exciting. There will be a lot of opportunities to share, to learn and grow.

However, it is too soon to contract anybody and the first way to cooperate to that adventure is volunteering.

Send me your resume (French or English) or message me on LinkedIn. Tell me why you want to volunteer and what you bring that ArmMe needs. Be concise, if we were to go further, we would connect and take time to know more about each other. To inspire you, you will find below some of the skills that would be appreciated.

Be sure I will answer you at least to thank you to consider ArmMe. If you haven't done it yet, don't wait to join ArmMe.





Skills that could be usefull (not limitative).

You are changing the world and you want to accelerate. Let's talk.

You are already involved in solving environmental and social issues. Let's share.

You are the king of social networks and would enjoy to help as community manager. Whoo hoo!

You are very good at organizing Design Thinking workshops. I love that too. Jump!


Growth Mindset


Figures don't have any secret for you and you are ready to help with your Finance skills. Many thanks to handle this!

You have an accurate knowledge of the NGO world and you want to share your expertise.

You developed journalistic skills. You know how to tell stories, how to reach the media.

You are pretty good at public relations and you know how to open doors.




You are busy at coding for a top notch company. Lucky you, there is room for you here.

Your language skills would allow to promote ArmMe in your country. Tell me a few words.

As soon as somebody needs to organize something they call you. We need you!

You are a people person and others agregate around you easily. Mentor me!