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General Conditions



These General Conditions exclusively govern the contractual relations between, on the one hand, the website ArmMe.org, edited and operated by Philippe-Alexandre Grard, hereinafter referred to as "The publisher" and any visitor to the site, hereinafter referred to as "You".

They can be modified at any time by the Publisher, without notice or right of indemnity.

The authentic General Conditions are those in force on the site upon validation of the registration.


#1- Offer

The ArmMe.org website offers individuals to join a community via a free membership.

Any activity on ArmMe.org requires registration.


#2- Login

As a member, you benefit from a space ("My Space"), accessible with the e-mail and the password that you will have registered during the registration. In this space, you can modify your personal information.

You must immediately inform the publisher of any unauthorized or fraudulent use of your space, its identifiers (e-mail and password). As a reminder, your identifiers are personal data that you agree not to disclose. As such, you are solely responsible for their use. Any attempt to substitute the identifiers of another subscriber is strictly prohibited.


#3- Intelectual Property

The ArmMe.org content is protected by French copyright law. In the absence of a license specifying other conditions of use, the content and the files are reserved for the exclusive use of the member. They cannot be resold, rented or transmitted free of charge beyond the family circle and the legitimate needs of private use.

Any representation or reproduction of these files or contents, in whole or in part, outside the cases provided for in article L-122-5 of the intellectual property code is strictly prohibited and would expose their holder to prosecution.


#4- Responsibility

You agree not to make commercial use of the information contained on ArmMe.org.

Access to the ArmMe.org content by download assumes that you have taken the necessary and appropriate measures to protect your data and software and thus protect yourself from contamination by possible computer "viruses". The publisher can in no way be held responsible for any damage or deterioration following the download, installation and use of the ArmMe.org content on your computer equipment (computer, tablet, smartphone, audio players, etc.).

The publisher can in no way be held responsible for any malfunction occurring at the time of downloading the digital files and which is not due to them and / or due to a case of force majeure.

In particular, the publisher cannot be held responsible for malfunctions, limitations, poor performance of your Internet connection allowing you to access its offer. For technical reasons (maintenance, problem, network failure), access to the service could be temporarily interrupted. The publisher reserves the right to temporarily or permanently close the site without notice or compensation.

The extent of the publisher's liability will be limited to the sole offer described above.


#5- Membership

The membership is free. You must have the legal capacity to register. You must fill out the "Registration" form. All memberships are made exclusively via the site ArmMe.org. As soon as a member pre-order an Armband or make a promise of Donation, he is accepting to receive emails regarding these specific topics. Members can unsuscribe at any time. All the content published by the member will stay visible on the website for other members usage but will be anonymized. All the ArmMails will be deleted. ArmMe cannot be held responsible if members let personal information in their content that would allow other members to identify them after unsusbscription.


#6- Applicable Laws

These conditions are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, and if no amicable solution has been found, only the French courts are competent.


#7- Legal Mentions

The ArmMe.org website is edited by Philippe-Alexandre GRARD.
Address: 3, rue de la Paix 53000 Laval
E-mail: contact@armme.org
Publication director: Philippe-Alexandre GRARD
Host: OVH- 2 rue Kellermann - BP 80153 - 59053 Roubaix Cedex 1– France - 0 820 698 765