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You will find here official information about ArmMe, data and articles on alternative innovations and ways of thinking.


ArmMe Founder Video:

10th of June, 2020

Welcome on ArmMe!

I am not so used to publish videos where I have the first role and it isn’t my favorite exercise but ArmMe is a so personal project to me that I thought it was necessary to deliver the message in person.






ArmMe Launch:

10th of June, 2020

Whooo Hooo!

A major milestone has been reached for AmrMe since official launch the 10th of June. It is just a start and everything has to be done. Even status are not completed. Who minds? Innovation can sometimes look like being in a cavern in the dark witout any direction indicators. With members comming from everywhere, I am sure we will find the path and that we will build something worth it! I would just let the most sceptical with a quote "If you fall asleep thinking that something is impossible, you may be awakened by the noise that someone else will make while doing it" - Jean de la Bruyère - born in Paris on August 16, 1645 and died in Versailles on May 11, 1696.


Carry an elephant



The Donut Theory: Even in economy it is possible to think out of the box.

5th of May, 2020

Kate Raworth: "We need to break our addiction to growth".

Kate Raworth is a British economist and editorial writer, author of the book The Donut Theory. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and a Masters in Development Economics, both from the University of Oxford

Green growth or decrease? Can the economy go from a degenerative model to a regenerative model? Can taxes really change behavior? So many questions to which Kate Raworth provides fascinating answers in her book The Donut Theory, published on March 2017. This British economist denounces the dogmas that shape our policies by draping themselves in a scientific legitimacy that we can question. Above all, it offers a new vision that places the economy at the heart of the living and tries to replace the obsession with GDP with a much more crisp - and relevant - indicator: the donut.

Discover the videos of the 7 Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist:


#1- Change the Goal


#2- Tell a New Story


#3- Nurture Human Nature


#4- Get Savvy With Systems


#5- Design to Distribute


#6- Create to Regenerate


#7- Be Agnostic about Growth