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An experimental organization that
stands for Social and Environmental
impactful globalized collaborative



The logo had been designed by Romain Barbot. I have really appreciated his advices and the discussions we had about the project. You would find more about his work on his website : iamsailor.com





Many thanks to Sophie Cameron who designed the Armband you could discover in the Armband area. When we first met the project was only a vague idea. She listened carrefully and had been very patient. I was very happy when we came out with something tangible. Since, She started an entrepreneurial adventure designing eco-friendly fournitures for cats. Do not hesitate to discover the products at Homycat.


Armband Prototype


Stanford Graduate School of business:

The ArmMe's design principles germinated while I was studying at Stanford GSB. There I had the chance to graduate the LEAD Corporate Innovation Certificate. I highly recommend the faculty and particularly that transformational program that is LEAD. Professors, staffs and courses are just amazing and the very active community of peers makes the gap.


Stanford GSB



This website had been designed using the Creative Cloud Suite from Adobe. Adobe very inspiring purpose is "Changing the world through digital experiences." At Adobe they argue that "Great experiences have the power to inspire, transform, and move the world forward. And every great experience starts with creativity." I hope you would find the experience valuable.