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How might we help consumers to stop drinking water in plastic bottles?
Water represents less than 0,001% of the price of a plastic bottle of water.
89 billion plastic water bottles are sold worldwide each year. (This represents $22 billion revenues). In 2020, 600 billion liters of water were consumed and it continues to increase. The production of 1 liter of plastic bottled water requires 100 ml of oil + 80 g of coal + 42 liters of gas + 2 liters of water. 1/4 bottle full of oil is used to fill, transport, cool, and dispose of 1 bottle. 5g of CO2 are produced for every gram of PET manufactured. To compensate the annual CO2 emissions emitted during the production of PET bottles, it would be necessary to cover 10 times the surface of the United Kingdom with trees! By consuming water in plastic bottles not only our carbon footprint is bad, but also, we generate a lot of wastes. Then, arises the problem of recycling them. In Europe only 20% is of plastic bottles are recycled. The vast majority ends up in landfills or are incinerated, generating soil pollution and toxic gas emissions. And we know that a large part will end up in our oceans polluting them and endangering marine species (the 6th continent). What is surprising is that among the 6 most consuming countries, 4 have access to potable tap water. So why is this?
Dany Grard
A one liter Glass Bottle with ArmMe logo
Using reusable glass bottles to reduce plastic bottles waste !
Instead of buying water in plastic bottles, you just have to fill this glass bottle with tap water and put it in the fridge. Every day, doing so, you will save at least 1 plastic bottle. It will represent a yearly net saving of 70€. More than money, doing so, it contributes to save 45 liters of oil, 29kg of coal, 15m3 of gas, 365 liters of water and you will have reduced your CO2 emissions by 1800g. Sure, this is not the only solution to reduce the plastic bottles usage but it will be a good start. To reduce the impact of shipment on both environment and costs, there will be one shipment as soon as 1000 bottles are ordered in the closest big city nearby you (more than 100 000 inhabitants). The glass bottles can be preordered in "Supplying" section of ArmMe website.
One liter Glass Bottles with ArmMe logo