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How might we help ArmMe to improve and achieve its goals?
ArmMe is an experimental organization always looking for improvement opportunities. You help will be highly appreciated
This challenge is opened to any member that would like to contribute to the ArmMe's development. ArmMe is an experimental organization which mean that everything has to be built. For instance, your feedbacks on the ArmMe website will be precious to improve the users experience. If you need new features or you find some don't bring the expecting value, this is the place where your voice will be valuable. We are open to any contribution, partnership, ideas that would help ArmMe to realize its purpose, develop and achieve its goals. Volunteering is a great experience to both share what you know and learn from others. One of the main characteristic of innovators is their appetite to learn new things, their curiosity. It supposes to develop an open minded spirit where others opinions count. Sure you will surprise us with insightful propositions. It is not the case that every suggestion might be integrated but each of them will be discussed and will enter the Variability Selection Retention process that should be at the core of every innovative organization. Becoming a team member of that challenge will give you the opportunity to experience that VSR process live. Jump. It is fun...
MVP: Minimum Viable Product
ArmMe.org website is a beta-version realized in less than 2 months. A lot still have to be done...
User Interface design and Website design need specific skills and even if I have some of them, I am far from being a professional. Also, compared to the experiences you are used to find on the net, ArmMe may seem "on the street". It is normal! ArmMe.org is a prototype, what we call in Design Thinking a MVP for Minimum Viable Product. It has the main functionnalities, they are operational to be tested but the design is far from being finished and perfect. It is not a problem because I am sure this challenge will help members to give their advices, ideas, skills so that it could improve fast. If there is any traction for what we intend to do here, we will find the way to make ArmMe.org the most friendly website ever. In the other hand, it is not the most important. ArmMe brings more than code and web features. ArmMe builds a new culture, invite everyone to invent a new world sharing experiences, ideas, creativity. All of this could be done in the streets. A very, very long time ago, humans were doing it in caves! Your right, it took millennia to get out and we don't have so much time in front of us. So let's make it simple and efficient. Thanks in advance for your contribution.
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