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How might we help users to have the best experience possible with ArmMe?
Here everything is to test and learn. The sandbox area is a place where you can find answers to most of your questions.
Starting with ArmMe is very simple, nevertheless depending on what you aim to do you may need help. The sandbox area is the place where all members will start. It is a sort of welcome area. It is the opportunity to reach easily every member and ask questions. It is the opportunity to test in a safe area all the released features such as Armails, Challenges Updates and KPIs. As soon as you will have discovered and mastered all the possibilities you could quit the place or become one of the welcomers. At ArmMe nothing is definitive, it makes part of the innovation mindset. The iterative Test and Learn process is fundamental to create products and services but also to grow as individuals and teams. The fact is that nothing and nobody is perfect and opportunities to progress are numerous. Here at ArmMe it is part of our mindset and nature to bless every imperfection, failure or pain point that we are going to turn into an innovation opportunity. Imagine a place where you could test everything in a safe way! Would you let your fears and apprehensions at the doorstep and jump into the unknown? Dare to dream... find here a link to start with.
Philippe-Alexandre Grard
Publish your first Update. Tell us why you joined, explain us what you want to change.
To you, what are the main issues that need to be addressed. Why are they so important to you?
Tell ArmMe members why you are concerned about social and environmental justice. It is an easy start and it will be a good opportunity to engage with other members and to bring out cooperation opportunities or new challenges ideas. The process is simple. You would be asked, if you haven't do it before, to complete your profile. You can do it in "My Space". You need to prepare a picture (500px square is the best format) and a short text to introduce yourself. You can easily resize your picture online for instance here. Then you will be able to create the Update adding a picture, a title, a hook and the text itself. At ArmMe challenges owners check each Update prior to their publication. Why that? Challenges deals with environmental and social issues and updates purpose is to give compelling information about what the team is doing, what it needs, next events and milestones... it is not about the weather or about what you have eaten yesterday, if you see what I mean... I know it is much too serious but be sure there will be place for fun in the comments, social networks and also in the way serious thing might be delivered.
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