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Have you ever counted how many distinctive signs people are showing about their social belonging? It could be brands, special clothes, watches, electronic devices like smartphones, jewelry, glasses, hats, caps,... These distinctive signs are sending messages to others and contribute to build the each individual's specific signatures. What if this process was to contribute to change the world? What if everyone could add to its personal signature a singular touch which would demonstrate a willing to have an environmental or social impact? What if those small distinctive signs could bring to massive interactions within thousands of people?


So What?

ArmMe wants to bring individuals an easy way to show they are concerned. This is to me an easy thing to contribute. ArmMe provides an armband with eco-friendly embroideries that turns every moment spent outside into a positive demonstration of support. The Armband helps individuals to send a positive distinctive sign to others that shows that they care. Armbands would help to connect and empower people and organizations who are plighting common environmental and social causes. They would inspire individuals to join and participate.  ArmMe's members, the “peaceful warriors”, would use the Armband to easily identify peers.


Mood Board

The ArmMe's Armband have been designed to be eco-friendly. He is made with linen, a natural and noble fibre, produced organically for a low impact on the environment, respecting the Global Organic Textile Standard certified by Ecocert. It will be produced locally with local raw materials. We are studying an innovative free transportation mean: delivered by members trough their usual travels (could be longer but much more fun).


Armband Mood Board



Disgined to be easy to put around the arm. No plastic. Three small optional places to receive cigarette butts so that smokers would never throw them away on the ground anymore. The ArmMe logo is removable (scratch system) so that you can decide to change your embroidery and personalize your armband. Only one universal size with a system for collecting excess tissue (see prototype bellow).


Armband Design



A prototype has been done to check feasibility and costs. This minimum viable product is compliant with Design thinking principles!


Armband Prototype


Now What?

There is no profit willingness while selling the Armbands. All the collected money will be affected to a fund to finance environmental and social innovative projects. The initial price will be 24.95 €. Prior to launch any production, the target is to check the demand. If you want to pre-order, join ArmMe, login and fill in the form below. You won't be charged! We will contact you as soon as the Armband will be available so that you will be able to confirm your order. Thank you in advance for your contribution.




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