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An experimental organization that
stands for Social and Environmental
impactful globalized collaborative

Here we are going to invent a new world where sustainability and equity are not anymore options
« ArmMe's ambition is to build a new economic and social model that will allow to globally use less resources while continuing to increase human well being.
It is within our reach because, all together, we are going to design a new global culture, products and services that will contribute to a more equitable distribution of knowledge, wealth and that will remove main environmental impacts. »





Create connections with members, create compelling posts and promote them on ArmMe's social networks, assist to bi-weekly meetings

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Join or create an innovative challenge to solve environmental or social issues, to design products and services that would benefit to the entire humanity

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Contribute to implement a disruptive global supply chain designed for low carbon impacts to manufacture and deliver ArmMe's innovations

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An experimental organization that
builds a new economic and social
model that will allow to globally
use less resources

You want to have positive impacts

You dare to participate with your peers to something big, to turn every moment into a positive demonstration of support to a better world

You are looking for results


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« Peaceful Warriors » think that the main gap would be obtained if more people were involved in a permanent process to deeply change behaviors

Humans are better than they
have ever thought
Humans are better than they have ever thought
You demonstrate a positive way of thinking
and you are ready to learn from others

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Don't miss the opportunity to meet amazing
individuals and to share the best of you with them

An experimental organization that
enables every member to send a
positive image of their social and
environmental impacts

You want to show how open-minded spirits can make a difference

You aim to inspire your peers to join and participate telling that it is possible to make a deep change

You believe that collective creativity leads to amazing outcomes


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ArmMe helps its members to gain empathy with other people round the world, to release the collective creativity potential that would help to change behaviors

Happiness often comes
from that of others
Happiness is often coming from the others’ one
ArmMe makes it easy to create proudness and
happiness for any contributor that would engage

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Let's start an alternative economic model where
"Designing for better" is our new collective motto

An experimental organization that
observes and listens to the small
signals to turn them into global
innovation challenges

An experimental organization means that everything is to be built

As soon as we agree on the big "Why", the main purpose that will guide our decisions and actions,

We will have to create, collaboratively, a path to cooperate efficiently


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ArmMe brings resources, best practices and methodologies to make it happens. ArmMe provides support to its members so that they could gain autonomy to organize their own actions

Perform simple
and humble actions
Fights for social and environmental justice
Gather People

Give everyone the opportunity to realize what he is
in what he does, to forge his person in the proof
of its contribution to a better world

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